Expansion of Integrated Cement plant for production of clinker (1.32 MTPA to 3.06 MTPA) , Cement ( 1.52 MTPA to 3.52 MTPA), Limestone (2.00 MTPA to 4.50 MTPA ) & installation of 36 MW (2×18 MW) coal based captive power plant at Village Muktyala, District Krishna, Andhra Pradesh by The KCP Ltd

KCP Ltd proposed expansion of Clinker (1.32 MTPA to 3.06 MTPA), Cement (1.52 MTPA to 3.52 MTPA), Limestone (2.00 MTPA to 4.50 MTPA) & coal based captive power plant of 2×18 MW capacity within their existing premises . A new coal based captive power plant of 36 MW (2×18) is also proposed. The thermal power plant will be located adjacent to the cement plant in an area of 8.5 ha. There will not be any additional area both for cement plant and Limestone mines. The enhanced Lime stone quantity from 2.00 MTPA to 4.50 MTPA will be taken from their existing mine area of 368.40 hectares only. Lime stone
mine 910 acres is their own land. Power plant will require 21 acres of land.

The Project is estimated to cost Rs.4600 million.

The project was considered for Issuing TOR issued on Sep 23, 2010 and the TOR was issued on Oct 20, 2010

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