Given below is the list of distillery projects to be considered giving TOR, EC and Amendments. The meeting is scheduled on July 28th and 29th 2011.

TOR – ( Terms of Reference )

[TOR or Terms of Reference is the first level environment clearance issued for projects. Only Projects that received TOR can approach Ministry of Environment & Forests for final clearance. ]

Modernization of existing 70 KLPD Molasses based Distillery to 70 KLPD Molasses, Grain/Juice (juice Slurry) based distillery and to use Grain, Cane Juice (Juice Slurry) as raw material to produce Rectified Spirit/ENA Spirit Ethanol at Village Hamjheri, Jakhal Road, Patron, District Patiala, Punjab by Piccadily Sugar & Allied Industry Ltd.

Expansion of molasses based Distillery Unit (38 KLPD) Village Thallapalem & 4-6 & 16 of Village Gythulapalem by installation of Grain based Distillery Unit (80 KLDP) and Malt Spirit Plant (12 KLDP) along with Co-generation Power Plant (2.5 MW) at Kasimkota Mandal, District Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh by Tern Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.

Grain based Distillery Plant (60 KLPD) along with Captive Power Plant (2.5 MW) at Village Peddavaram, Mandal Nandigama, District Krishna, Andhra Pradesh by Sudheer Bio Products Pvt. Ltd

Grain/Molasses based Distillery (60 KLPD) Unit at Village & Tehsil Nowgong, District Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh by Cox India Limited.

Expansion of Sugar Unit (3500 to 5000 TCD) and installation of Co-generation Facilities (22 MW) Village Sundarnagar, Tahsil Majalgaon, District Beed, Maharashtra by Majalagaon Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd

Distillery Unit (30 KLPD) & Ethanol (30 KLPD) and co-generation unit (12 MW) at Najik Babulgaon, District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra by Gangamai Industries and Construction

Expansion of Grain based Distillery (134 KLPD to 198 KLPD) at Village Udumulapur, Mandal Nandyal, District Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh by SPY Agro Industries.

Installation of Grain based Distillery Unit (45 KLPD) in the existing Distillery Unit (Molasses based 45 KLPD) at Village Rajapatti Kothi, Tehsil Baikanthpur, District Gopalganj, Bihar by Sonasati Organics Pvt. Ltd.

New Distillery Projects to be taken up for Environment Clearance:

Expansion of Sugar Plant (5,500-11,000 TCD),Distillery Unit (35 KLPD to 100 KLPD), ENA Plant (20 KLPD to 75 KLPD) and Co-generation Power Plant (39 MW to 64 MW), establishment of Ethanol Plant (30 KLPD) and D.G. sets (IIx1 MW) at Village Bellad-Bagewadi, Taluka Hukeri, District Belgaum, Karnataka by Vishwanath Sugar and Steel Industries Limited

Grain based Distillery (30 KLPD) at Chikhali MIDC Area, Chikhali, District Buldhana, Maharashtra by Jaju Krishi Utapadan & Prakriya Pvt. Ltd.

Grain based Distillery (Ethanol & ENA; 100 KLPD) and Captive Power Plant (5 MW) at Village Machhana and Sangat Kalan, Tehsil Bhathinda, District Bhathinda, Punjab by CL Industries and Infrastructure Ltd.