The company is planning to take up setting up 2×10 MW Captive Coal Based Thermal Power Plant at village  Tatisilwai, in Ranchi District , in Jharkhand. Land requirement will be 12.278 acres, which is within the extended boundary of the existing Steel Wire Plant. Coal requirement will be 0.183 MTPA, which will be obtained from own captive Lohari Coal Block near Daltonganj, in Jharkhand, which is about 200 Kms away. Environmental clearance for this coal block has been obtained. Ash and Sulphur contents in coal will be 41.70% and 0.3 to 0.5%

respectively. About 0.0612 MTPA of Fly Ash will be generated, which will be supplied to cement manufacturer viz.  Holtec Cement Ltd. Source of water requirement will be from Subarnarekha River which flows at a distance of 0.5 Km from the boundary of the project site. Air cooled condenser will be used for main condensate cooling. Make up water requirement will be 26 cum/hr.

The project was considered for issuing Environment Clearance  on Apr 7, 2011 and the Environment Clearance  was issued on Apr 7, 2011

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