The company is planning to take up expansion of existing Coal Based Thermal Power Plant by addition of 2×660 MW (Unit 3 & 4) at village  Banaharpalli, in Jharsuguda District , in Orissa. Unit 1&2 is under operation. No additional land is required for the expansion. Additional land is however proposed to be acquired for new ash pond keeping the required distance criteria of 500 m from HFL of Hirakud Reservoir. Coal requirement will be met from two Coal Blocks viz. Manoharpur and Dip-side of Manoharpur) in Ib valley area with total reserve of 531 MT. Coal requirement will be 6.73 MTPA at 80% PLF. Ash content in coal will be 40% and Sulphur content 0.4 % (maximum). Water requirement 4100 m3/hr and will be sourced from Hirakud Reservoir, which has been accorded by the state government. No diversion of forest land will be involved. COC 5.0 will be adopted. Fly ash will be used for filling Manoharpur mines. A twin flue stack of 275 m height with flue gas velocity of 22  will be installed. No ground water will be tapped for the project activity.

The project was considered for issuing Environment Clearance  on No. 10, 2009 and the Environment Clearance  was issued on Feb 04, 2010

Contact :
Orissa Power Generation Corporation Ltd.
Zone-A, 7th Floor, Fortune Towers Bhubaneswar 751023.Orissa